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Landscaping Services


Lawn Preparation

Topsoil, leveling, and final rake… a “turf-ready” process. The basis for a great lawn!




A fast, cost effective way to have a new lawn that will leave your neighbors green with envy. Effectively used in larger residential and commercial settings where sloped landscaping and erosion control are required.



Drill Seeding

The most successfully economic method of seeding grass over larger land areas. Drill seeding is popular with establishing grass on such areas as farms, acreages, and large scale landscape construction sites.




New construction site clean-up, preparation, and final grade.



Landscape Drainage Systems

An effective way to direct & control unwanted surface water in areas where natural drainage and grading alone cannot.



Timber Retaining Walls

Used to stabilize, control, and alter changing soil grade heights. Timber retaining walls are commonly constructed out of 4’x6’ and 6’x6’ pressure treated timber which offer strength, style, and longevity not often seen in smaller cinderblock or brick structures. They provide a natural look to any landscape or construction project.



Equipment Line-up (Earth Works)

1. Walk-behind Mini-Track Bobcat Loader:


  • 36 inch wide rubber track equipped loader, designed to access areas where no other machine can go.
2. Mini-Bobcat Loader


  • 44 inch wide skidsteer loader, capable of accessing areas that standard machines cannot.
3. Track Bobcat Loader


  • 68 inch wide rubber equipped loader, excellent for grading large areas, slopes, or operating in wet or sandy conditions.
4. Mini-Excavator:


  • Retractable undercarriage, from 51 down to 39 inches wide, with a maximum 7’10” optimal digging depth. Equipped with a 10, 18, and 24 inch wide tooth bucket, this machine is commonly utilized for trenching utility lines, irrigation piping, digging out window-wells, ponds, basement repairs, footings/grade beams, new construction, landscape drainage systems, tree planting & removal, landscape terracing, and so much more.
5. Chain Trenching:


  • Maximum depth of 36 inches, 4-5 inches wide, rubber track equipped unit capable of operating on moderate slopes, wet, or sandy conditions.
  • Designed for trenching in utilities lines, irrigation drainage piping, conduit.
6. Post hole Drilling/Auger:


  • Mini-Bobcat equipped auger for posthole drilling, tree planting, and construction piles up to a maximum of 7 feet deep. Excellent for accessing confined areas.
7. Horizontal Boring:


  • Mini-Bobcat equipped horizontal boring attachment for boring up to a maximum of 20 feet under sidewalks, driveways, and other solid structures.
  • Used to install irrigation piping and utility lines. This service is often used in conjunction with the mini-excavator.
8. Soil Conditioner & Landscape Rake:


  • These Bobcat loader attachments are absolutely perfect for reconditioning old unlandscaped soil areas and to provide a perfect soil bed for grass seed or turf. It’s part of a “turf-ready” process.
9. Hauling:


  • Single axel dump truck capable of accessing space restricted areas. Material hauling up to 7 yards (weight restriction in effect).


Supplies we use:

  • Consolidated Turf
  • Brett Young
  • NDS Drainage Products
  • Brock White
  • Nu-West Construction Products
  • Rainstore 3
  • Aquascape Designs
  • Expocrete Concrete Products
  • National Concrete
  • All Rock Suppley
  • Inland Products
  • Early’s Form & Garden Center
  • Profile Products
  • Turf Maker
  • 3M Canada
  • Superseal Construction Products
  • Soprema
  • Mar-Flex
  • Seal Guard
  • SIKA Products
  • TecSteel


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